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Following new guidelines, we regret that church will once again be closed for worship until Sunday December 6th at the earliest. When it reopens, numbers will continue to be strictly limited in accordance with Covid-secure mitigations. 























In the light of the current COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak, we regret that non-worship activities at the church continue to be temporarily suspended.





Please check with activity organisers / check the church  website for updates via the NEWS page [for Covid-19 community support updates], the diary and the COVID-19 AND CHURCH page [for church-related information].
The COMMUNITY page contains suggestions for activities and educational links to support families during periods of social isolation (‘Lockdown’) or if quarantine is required.








Podcast (2)Bill produces a weekly podcast which can be accessed HERE: https://revdbill.uk/worship-material


Debbie hosts a regular Sunday phone-in act of worship atconference-call 4pm. Call 0330 606 0403. You will be asked for an access code, which is 442786#. To improve the sound quality for all, where possible, please mute your phone except during times of greeting and other shared sections.

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A reading from those set for 29/11/2020




What is this passage telling us?

Really, we’ve lost Advent. Society at large doesn’t even consider “Advent,” if society at large has even heard of it. Society at large is shopping, and wrapping, and decking the halls with boughs of holly…quite frankly, most years they’ve been doing those things to the tune of “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” piped above the din of the shopping mall since Halloween.

And, sadly, churchgoers have no room to gloat, because most pew-occupiers are right there with them.

But Advent isn’t really about preparing for Christmas. It’s about preparing for the coming of Christ. And, yes, in a few weeks Advent will shift to the coming of Christ in a manger in Bethlehem, but Advent always begins with preparing and waiting for Christ to come again.

This reading reminds us that, just as the first coming was an event of cosmic proportion, so will the second coming be. Just as the first coming was heralded by a star, when Christ comes again the stars won’t travel, so much as they will fall. The sun and moon will darken. And the angels will come to gather Christ’s own into the Kingdom.

Our role in the whole thing isn’t to shop. Or wrap. Or deck.

It’s to be alert. We’re to be anticipating this coming—this Advent.

The generation of Christians who lived through the crucifixion and resurrection were waiting with bated breath. And the Christians who lived in their wake did the same. They assumed Christ was coming any minute. The early, New Testament church experienced an intense urgency, which withered over time. Christ didn’t come as expected. They moved on to other concerns.

But, being alert doesn’t mean that we have to be disappointed. Each night we learn that the stars are in the same place we saw them the night before. It seems as if nothing has changed, but it doesn’t stop us looking at them in awe.

Being alert is a spiritual posture. When we’re alert we see things, and notice things that we wouldn’t notice otherwise. If we live spiritually alert, waiting for Christ to come, how much better might we see him when he enters our room? When he feeds us in the Eucharist? When he shuffles by us on the street?

We’re meant to be Advent people. Waiting. Watching.

This year while we all shop, and wrap, and deck…let us be alert. Watching the stars, and the sun, and the moon. Waiting for Christ to come around the corner, and be manifest in ways we wouldn’t even dare to imagine.

Adapted from a reflection by Rick Morley at: star gazing – a reflection on Mark 13:24-37 | rick morley

If you are self-isolating, or

in any way affected by the closure (weddings, baptisms), please let one of the elders (or our ministers, Debbie and Bill) know, so that the church can keep in touch.


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A prayer for those visiting our website

Almighty and eternal God,

who created us in your own image and gave us the will to seek after all that is good, true and beautiful, especially in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

we give you thanks for the freedom of communication.

Grant, we pray you, that through our journeys in this website we may be led to charity, prayer, patience and greater understanding of each other and that we may discern more closely your will for your pilgrims here on earth.

To the glory of the Word made flesh,