Church Project 2013

The church project for 2013 is the Anesis Homeless Ministry.

This charity began a couple of years ago with the aim of helping vulnerable, homeless, drug addicted, alcoholic men and women. The charity grew quickly and is now the premier homeless outreach ministry in Coventry. Having started supporting one individual, they now support almost 150 vulnerable people with practical things such as sandwiches, coffee, tea, homemade soup, sleeping bags, clothes, spiritual and emotional support, and sometimes, most importantly for some, someone to talk to. They are now partnered with Sainsbury’s at Courthouse Green, in providing food parcels, and the basic provisional needs are financially met by the generosity of Northpoint Church.

Anesis believe that everyone has a purpose, a destiny, a reason to belong. Some may have forgotten what that is through the trials and adversity in their lives, but through the love of those who reach out to them, the hope is to help them rediscover their worth. This is a totally Christian voluntary organisation, and Anesis are desperate to be the difference that will make a difference. With prayer, and the opportunity of leading them to salvation – lives can be changed forever. Kervin Julien, the Ministry Director speaks from personal experience as he was once in the position of the people he now helps.

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