Big Lunch Report

Big Lunch

The Eden Project started the Big Lunch in the belief that we, as a society, are better equipped to tackle the challenges that we face when we face them together.

The Big Lunch is based on the belief that the world can be a better place through people working together, with nature, optimism and common sense.

The Big Lunch is a chance for people from different generations to hear each other out and share stories, skills and interests – a phenomenon the Eden Project have called ‘human warming’.

On Sunday 2nd June we held our third Big Lunch at Holyhead Road URC. Lots of people took up the challenge to produce bunting and we were able to hang this from one pedestrian gate to the other showing our neighbours we were up to something!

For me the concept of ‘human warming’ was brought to life by:

  • Michael Gibson, one of our Cubs, hanging his head through the window of Lammas House to tell some residents what he was up to and asking if they were ‘ok’!!
  • Richard Adams, Jon Jelley, Charlotte Adams, Amy Jelley and Jacob Lowe working together to feed us sausages and burgers!!
  • the way that people were talking to each other as they sat and stood together to share food that different individuals had prepared;
  • the lady who joined us for a burger after an early morning start and who appreciated the generosity and welcome she received as she came through the gate;
  • the man who felt able to come and ask if he could have a cup of milk;
  • Janet Powell and Rachel Lowe racing each other on space hoppers cheered on by their Beaver, Cub, Girls’ Brigade and Sunday Club team members.

Our atmosphere was of course helped by the sun but, may our prayer in the coming weeks be that the conversations, the friendships, the working together, and the appreciation of what we all bring to the table regardless of our age continue.

Karen Adams

Big Lunch

Big Lunch

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