Save your empty inkjet cartridges!

Holyhead Road URC’s Girls’ Brigade have signed up to the Recycle for Charities scheme.  They are collecting used inkjet cartridges.

There will be a box in church where empty inkjet cartridges can be dropped off.   If you cannot yet get to church, the group’s captain Karen Adams asks that you hold on to them, as each one donated will raise £1 for funds! Here is what Karen tells us that the scheme will accept:

Original (Genuine/Virgin) Cartridges if:    They were purchased new; have not been previously refilled; still have the original manufacturer label.

Cartridge brands you can recycle which will generate a donation:
     Pitney Bowes
Epson and Brother cartridges are not included in the programme so please do not send them. 
Only inkjet cartridges from the wanted list have a donation value. Ink tanks will not generate a donation.
Only inkjet cartridges with circuit boards have a recycling value when empty.


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