Halloween done differently

A different slant on Halloween!Did you know that:

* Its real name is All Hallows’ Eve?

* Hallow means HOLY and here it refers to the saints…so it is talking about all saints (that’s ALL people of faith)?

* It was the night when people prayed for the souls of their loved ones who had died.

* Several hundred years ago on this day, children and beggars would ask people for cake in exchange for prayers for the souls of their loved ones. The special flat cakes produced for this were called SOUL CAKES. Some places still make and give them out today. Of course, we had to include a photo – you can’t ignore cake!

So…given that this day is actually more about a celebration of faith than ghouls and ghosties, local churches – and the Girls’ Brigade at HHR – have been doing something a little different. 16 churches have been collaborating to create the ‘Light Trail’ mentioned in earlier posts…

HHR Elders Sue and Jill completed the Light Trail on October 30th, finding all 16 pictures and bible verses – well done, both!

They took photos of all – here are a few. Jennifer from Girls’ Brigade has also been doing the trail with her Mum.

Girls’ Brigade are also doing a ‘share your light’ pumpkin carving competition. Aren’t they great?

So – a bright, light and blessed All Hallows’ Day to you after a TRUE halloween!

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