The church community wishes to ensure that everyone has access to the building and the activities that take place here.  If you wish to know more about access please contact our Church Secretary here

The front entrance of the church is level with the pavement, and is wide to give easy access to the sanctuary.  For church services there is always someone there to open the door and to give a welcome. There is a car park at church, and a ramp to give access to the pavement. The paved area in front of the main entrance is flat, while the car park has a gentle incline.  The right hand side photo shows the view from the car park.

The hall entrance is at the back of the car park, and gives direct access to the hall and soft lounge meeting area.  There is a ramp from the car park to the paved area leading to this entrance.   This photo shows the hall entrance and ramp.   It is slightly narrower than the front entrance, but has two doors that can be opened to ensure access.


The church is built on a single level, and internal doors are wide to give easy access to the sanctuary, hall and meeting rooms in the building. The sanctuary has a low platform at the very front with a single step to access it. This area is mainly used by the minister, church secretary, readers and musicians.

The seating in the sanctuary is composed of individual chairs, and can be re-arranged as necessary.  A communion service is held once a month, and communion is served to the seated congregation.  Everyone is invited to participate in communion but there is no pressure to do so.

The church sanctuary is fitted with with an induction loop system for the benefit of hearing aid users.  Large print hymn books are available – just ask the people on the door at the start of the service for one. When a data projector is used in a service, its normal that printed copies of words are available – again please the people on the door.

There are toilet facilities by the front entrance and both the mens and ladies toilets have one large cubicle for easy access. There are also toilet facilities by the hall entrance, with a separate disabled toilet and Baby changing facilities.