Covid-19 and church

Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us to love our neighbour, and to care for those in need as if we were caring for you. In this time of anxiety, give us strength to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick, and to assure the isolated of our love, and your love, for your name’s sake. Amen.   (

We are dispersed but not divided!

Although the church building will reopen for worship from September 27th there are many who will still be unable to attend. The various opportunities to share together in worship within our own homes will remain in place.

Please scroll through this page to find out more.

Opportunities for online worship

We live in a difficult time with fast moving circumstances in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.  It was clear that restrictions were going to be placed on us and it is clear that, for now, we should continue to avoid all unnecessary social contact.  Older people,  and those with underlying health problems, have been asked to take even more precautions. To support people as they seek to maintain worship from home, Revd Bill Young is producing a weekly podcast which can be accessed at 

The URC Daily Devotions team are  offering Sunday services via the Daily Devotions email list.  These began on March 22nd, and each Sunday they will send out, at 10am, a service in both written and audio format.  This will have the feel of a service on the radio in our style with well known URC people leading worship.  There will be prayers and hymns to join in with as we pray together.  There will also be, from time to time, a chance to share bread and wine together – the first such opportunity was on Easter Sunday. It should be possible to find any missed services in the archived material on the site.

Anyone who has email and would like to avail themselves of this form of worship can sign up to receive the Devotions Emails.  They simply need to go to

HHR elders are connecting with members and adherents to deliver paper copies of worship materials to those who are unable to access online materials.

Opportunity for telephone conference call worship

Revd Debbie Brown will be leading a worship session by phone each Sunday at 4pm. To access this, call 0330 606 0403. You will be asked for an access code, which is 442786#. To improve the sound quality for all, where possible please mute your phone except during times of greeting and other shared sections.

The Coventry Korean Church will not yet be resuming worship in the building.

Below is the link to the NHS webpage dedicated to information about the virus.

You may wish to use / share this prayer:

For those who are sick
and those who care for them,
that they might be restored to health
and receive all that they need this day:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For those who have died
and those who mourn,
that they might know consolation:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For nurses and doctors,
and all who work in hospitals and medical care,
that they might be sustained with energy for their work,
and might have all that they need for good patient care:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For public health experts,
for scientists and bioengineers
working to understand the virus and to find treatment and prevention
that they might have insight and success:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For the World Health Organisation,
for government officials,
that policy and practice might be wise and effective:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For those in quarantine,
that their spirits might be sustained,
and for those separated from people they love
by the circumstances of this illness:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For those who are afraid,
that they might know peace:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For those who are being harassed or persecuted
as racism is expressed around this illness,
that they might be protected:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
For those whose sin of racism clouds their eyes, minds and hearts,
that they might repent and love their neighbour:
Gracious God, receive our prayer.
Gracious God, receive our prayers,
those made with these words
and those made in the murmurs of our hearts.
In Christ’s name we pray.

Jemma Allen is a priest of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia