Our History

The word church has two meanings, most commonly it’s used to describe a building, but to those who belong to the community attached to that building, it means the people.


So, Holyhead Road United Reformed Church is much older than the present building on the corner of Holyhead Road and Moseley Avenue and much older than the present name. Let’s begin at the beginning – in the nineteenth century there were two churches, Wells St Congregational church in the city centre and Vine St congregational church in Hillfields. In the blitz of 1941 Wells St was destroyed and the congregation moved into Vine St. After the war the two churches were given a plot of land as war damage compensation in the place we are now and a very grand and innovative building was erected and the church moved there in 1953 as one congregation, Holyhead Road Congregational church. In 1972 the Congregational Church of England and Wales united with the Presbyterian Church of England to become the United Reformed Church.


The building though impressive with a lot of rooms was also very expensive to maintain and the discovery of rainwater ingress in the tower was the last straw and the decision was made to demolish the building. In 1987 the church at Holyhead Road left and moved to share worship at Radford United Reformed Church about a mile away on Radford Road. The new building went up together with a care home and flats on the previous site and the congregation moved back in 1988. It was a time of change, opportunity, and excitement and for the church at Radford some soul searching because their building was needing repair. In1997 Radford Road closed and the church united as one community at Holyhead Road.

The premises have been shared with a Korean Church and many community groups use the building.

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