What is the United Reformed Church?

The URC is a family of Christians who meet in local churches across England, Scotland and Wales, part of the worldwide family of Reformed Churches, a group of more than 70 million Christians. The URC has around 47,000 members in about 1,300 congregations with more than 600 ministers. More than 60,000 people worship in our churches each week, and many more take part in the weekday activities of the churches.

God loves you. And as Christians, we do too. Regardless of who you are, your background, your family, your past, your present or future, we are in this church because we believe that God is alive and listening to us through prayer, guiding and speaking to us through the Bible, forgiving us for what we have done wrong, and waiting for us in Heaven after we pass away. We believe that each and every one of us can find contentment through loving and serving Jesus Christ, the Son of God. A lack of hierarchy, and a respect for individual principles, means that the URC is not rigid in the expression of its beliefs, and embraces a wide variety of opinions. At the same time, in the words of the URC’s Statement of Nature, Faith and Order, together we are committed to ‘God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the living God, the only God, ever to be praised.’

Our Church at Holyhead Road

This community has maintained its witness in this part of Coventry since 1953, when Wells Street and Vine Street Congregational churches joined together to form one congregation.The church is now part of the North Coventry Group of United Reformed Churches, together with Foleshill Road, Keresley and Potters Green URCs. The church is now part of the North Coventry Group of United Reformed Churches, together with Foleshill Road, Keresley and Potters Green URCs.

Community and other groups use the church hall and rooms when they are not in use for worship. Please contact Bob Spicer by phone on 024 7659 3187 or by email (bspicer@live.com) for more information on lettings.

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