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Weekly news sheet: Please note that, from the start of September 2020, the ‘Sunday Link’ sheet has ceased to be available digitally; therefore our newsletter is now only a one-part publication.

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Bill’s weekend message, 22/08/20

Good morning everyone, and I hope you are well.

I feel very sorry, as I write, for the residents of those various areas whose ‘lockdown’ measures have been re-imposed, to a greater or lesser degree, because of a local surge in the number of Covid 19 infections detected. The small steps that we have all been taking, if not back to normality then at least to a better and more convivial place, have been denied those people. They will have to start again.

What a disappointment that must be.  In the last week, while still maintaining an appropriate social distance and while denying ourselves the hugs or handshakes that would otherwise come naturally, we have had a visit from our son Charles and his partner Anine, we have entertained Debbie and Clive to morning coffee and a lovely long chat, and we have also had Erica’s sister and niece drop in for a brief catch-up while they were en route home from a visit. More relaxed interaction than at any time since March and a feeling that we could communicate other than just by phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime!  Weather permitting we are going to have a Potters Green get-together in the church garden at the beginning of the week.  If we lost this then, despite the injunction of Jesus to forgive and forgive and forgive, I think I would very much resent anyone whose selfish or neglectful actions had caused Coventry to be put back into lockdown.

It is one of the characteristics of a Christian, illustrated by numerous sayings and parables of Christ, that they (we!) should think of others before themselves. ‘Not to be served but to serve’ is Graham Kendrick’s lyric. ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ was Jesus’ request.

I don’t want this message to sound like a government advisory about the pandemic, but given what is known, it is surely part of our religious duty to observe the precautions we have been told to and to stick to the rules. It is the difference between showing we care and appearing not to care. And if the faith that cares, that loves its neighbour as itself, can’t do the right thing, where is the rest of society to get an example? And how can we bring closer the end of this dreadful time?


Worship – weekend

This week’s Group podcast of music, prayer and reflection on scripture prepared by Erica and me is uploaded now on https://revdbill.uk/worship-material to listen to or read whenever you wish.  Special thanks this weekend to Janet and Tasha for reading. This adds a vet practice car park in Nottinghamshire to the various venues when our scripture has been recorded.

Worship – Sunday morning

 Debbie’s phone-in worship tomorrow morning at 11.15am will be using the same dial-in details as usual.

You can join on any telephone by calling the number 0330 606 0403.

When you are asked for it, enter the following access code on your phone pad: 442786#. 

If your phone allows, and nearly all do, please ‘mute’ it to improve the sound quality on the conference call, except at times of greeting and similar. 


Church Buildings

You will have seen news in recent weeks of relaxation of rules around worship in church buildings. Resuming worship has to come at the end of a process of checking, risk assessment and consideration of what form of worship will be possible, safe and worthwhile. Our churches’ elders are looking in to this and there is some progress towards the resuming of some worship in our buildings in the next couple of months.

However, plans are not yet able to be widely shared and all of our churches remain closed to all users for now.


Best wishes from us to you.

Bill and Erica

Bill Young (Revd)

Minister, North Coventry Group of United Reformed Churches

Foleshill Road – Holyhead Road – Potters Green – Keresley

 Tel:       024 7671 7223        Mob:    07831 294010

eMail:  bill@morvern.com